Daily Archives: January 18, 2012

TNT/NBA “Forever” Promo is Impressive Stuff

If I was asked the interview question, “What do you plan to do in your time with this company?”  I’d do my best to explain that I want what every man wants. I’d say something like, “I believe that true professional success can only be found in the reputation a man impresses upon his peers and successors. I want to leave a legacy in my career, and that’s what I plan to do.”

Cheesy? You betcha. But the NBA (No Boys Allowed) is a man’s league. And men want to be remembered, Achilles-style. I think that’s what this promo is all about. Yeah, it’s cool to see The Basketball Jesus find Ray Allen for a big three ball, but what really makes this promo great is that it connects with a desire we all feel.  It’s hero worship.  It’s young men finding a place they belong with the old men who built that place for them.  It’s the dream of reaching and maybe even surpassing those that came before you.  It fathers and sons. It’s legacy.