Dr Tom’s Musical Therapy

It has occurred to me that I have a phenomenal and diverse taste in music. I spend a lot of time sharing this music with friends and colleagues. I often find that I ask this question of the fairer sex within a few minutes of meeting them at a bar/party/gala (i admit i’ve never been to a gala, but damn those mardi gras themes look like fun!). sometimes their answer to my question “what kinda music are you into?” determines whether or not the conversation continues. Some call that a problem, I call it natural selection. So now, what we’re gonna do here is daily or weekly or kinda whenever i feel like prescribing it, I’m gonna hit you with a tune that will improve your day (it won’t help that rash, you need penicillin for that).

For the first installment of Dr Tom’s Musical Therapy (open to title changes..suggestions?), enjoy Butch Walker’s “Synthesizers.” If you don’t like this song then you have no soul. So let’s assume that you’re soulless. If you don’t like the video concept, then you have no brain. So let’s assume you have no soul and no brain. You can enjoy the girls walking around behind Wooderson and embrace the 1970s which you may or may not have been around for.





3 responses to “Dr Tom’s Musical Therapy

  1. From one doctor to another, I must say that this particular prescription is spot on for treatment concerning any “top 40” no-talent ass clowns currently polluting the airwaves.

  2. Dustin Riedesel

    Dr. D, that’s money…I’d like to be that guy in the middle that’s responsible for the little shaker noise. He seems subtle yet vital, kind of like a good pair of boxer briefs. Who can’t appreciate that?

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