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Dusty on Top News Stories of 2011 #1-5

I decided I’d give myself a checkup on what 2011′s biggest news stories meant to me. About midway through writing this, I realized that I live with my head up my butt, and you don’t get the news in there. These are the Top Ten News Stories of 2011 as chosen by the readers of CNN.com.

You can see what #10-6 mean to me by going here. Enjoy.

5 Apple founder Steve Jobs dies of cancer at 56

  • I actually heard about this a day later than everyone else (my Twitterverse really only consists of Bill Simmons, Mark Titus and a few old college buddies…thinking I should let Fox News in to get some fair and balanced reporting on non-sports issues). Even though I spend most of my time trying to deny the superior usability of Apple products (because I’m cheap), there’s no denying that humanity took a big hit on this one.  He has to be a top ten influence over the last 30 years, right? Sure feels like it. I also thought the iPhone4s = “4 Steve” was the best combination of cute/tragic sublicity (the word I just made up for publicity that is below regular standards) that I’ve seen in a long time.

4 Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is shot in the head at public event, survives

  • Here’s the scenario in February 2011 (alright, it was January 2012). I’m sitting at my cube in my office, and I say, “You guys hear about this Giffords person getting shot in the head and living through it? What’s that all about?”  My cubemate Jimmy replies, “I haven’t, but have you heard about this cat named Obama? Apparently he’s a big deal.”

3 Arab Spring spreads from Tunisia; regimes fall in Egypt, Libya

  • Literally knew nothing about this, so I emailed my friend Ben to ask what was most interesting about the Tunisian revolution. He wrote, “If considered in a vacuum, I would say the fact that the dude that started it thought that his best option for protesting the way the police treated him was to burn himself to death.  BUT, considering the rest of 2011, I would say that the most interesting thing about the revolution was that it was the catalyst for the Arab Spring in general.”….That first part sounds interesting.

2 Japan suffers major earthquake, tsunami and resulting nuclear crisis

  • Sadly, this 8.9 barely registered on the Riedesel scale.  I may be huge in Japan (TBD), but evidently Japan isn’t huge to me. To the people involved, it’s tragic. I’m just thankful I wasn’t involved.

1 U.S. commandos kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan raid

  • What did this mean to me?  Well, I was with a different company at the time, working a job that, to be quite honest, sucked….I was also on the tail-end of my Match.com dating experiment (highly recommended if you’re single and bored). This current event mostly allowed me to be proud of my Facebook profile pic and the fact that I have family in the military.  I enjoyed leveraging it as conversational filler on my dates.  God bless America, you know?

In other news, 2011 was an ignorantly blissful year for Dustin Riedesel.  I promise to read more than the entertainment section when I visit The Daily Beast from here on out.

Running for President in 2024,
Dustin Hussein Riedesel