Dr. Tom’s Music Therapy

My buddy Quint told me that “Musical Therapy” sounded like I was treating you while playing music, or treating you with music so I opted for a name change.

Last night I saw Ace Enders play an acoustic set and even talked to him for a few minutes. Ok, mostly I stumbled over my words being star struck by an artist I’ve enjoyed since I was 15. Either way, 15 year old Tommy would definitely have been giving me a solid (or high-five, or low five, or…I don’t remember what was cool in 2001?). Either way, it reminded me of a simpler time, where the only things that mattered were.. does your plaid shirt match your sweater, don’t miss the bus, and remembering to call your girlfriend on a land line at 9pm (because her sister needed the phone at 9:30pm and they only had one line).

This song is a personal favorite of mine, and the chorus says all you needed to know at 15…and sometimes I like to pretend its still true “All we ever wanted was love and love and happy afternoons, watchin tv from your room, while you’re layin in my arms.” Come on, how perfect? Thank you Ace for providing an anthem to my teenage years, and influencing just about everything I know about music.


One response to “Dr. Tom’s Music Therapy

  1. Dustin Riedesel

    I’m loving and learning with every music post. A few thoughts:
    1. I’m amazed that you wore sweaters when you were 15.
    2. Remember when you weren’t stuck in an office an could have these “happy afternoons” you’re talking about?
    3. That land line thing sucked. I didn’t have a cell until I was 18. If I have a child, it’s going to be really weird for them to have to borrow my cell phone to call their first bf/gf….actually, I don’t know how kids will communicate then.

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