Good Online Reading: 4 Articles from 4 Authors

It’s not always easy to find high quality writing amongst all the drivel on the internet. In light of that, I’ll try to help out by posting links to some pieces you’ll enjoy reading, no matter where you do it.

1. Chuck Klosterman on Tim Tebow – There have been so many articles written about Tim Tebow.  I thought this one was the best.  It feels unbiased and does a great job of explaining the logic behind what seem to be illogical viewpoints from both the pro-Tebow and anti-Tebow parties.

2. Maddox Gives a Tribute to Real Men – This one’s old school. It’s been on the internet forever, and Maddox is never going to win any awards for AP style. However, a surprisingly analytical approach hides behind the ranting tone, and it’s just plain funny. This particular article is one of the articles that got me blogging in the first place. The Best Page in the Universe is one of the most enjoyable time-killing sites out there if you’re OK with raunchy humor.

3. Seth Godin on Opening Acts and Rock Stars – I’m a subscriber to Seth Godin’s blog. It constantly provides progressive thinking.  More than anything, he can take new ideas that people have trouble understanding and explain them with an old example that makes it easy to understand.  I chose this article because even after three years, it has stuck with me and proven truthful.

4. Tom Dinard with Sunlight For A Moonlight Man – This was forwarded to me by my friend Michael Bracey. I’m glad he sent it, but I will warn you right up front that this one’s a time investment. It’s also well worth it. It tells the story of former Yankee, Stefan Wever, who loved baseball and life and never gave up on either one. This story is not just about overcoming adversity, but persisting in it’s constant presence. If you’ve got time, it’s a rewarding read.

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