Dr. Tom’s Music Therapy – Hip Hop Friday

It’s Friday. It’s Friday. Everyone’s looking forward to the weekend. (you’re now gonna sing Rebecca Black for the rest of the day. sorry). But on Friday’s I feel pretty thug, trill, swag, etc, etc…So I thought I’d share some hip hop therapy with everyone. If you haven’t listened to Childish Gambino before…shame on you. (and yes, Childish Gambino is also Troy from Community (RIP)). my english teachers would be so proud of my use of the double bracket there.

Enjoy the tune. And Happy Friday.



6 responses to “Dr. Tom’s Music Therapy – Hip Hop Friday

  1. yep. ben. that entire album is worth the purchase. he’s like a young kanye who cares even less about who he offends.

  2. Turned this on at work and randomly clicked to the middle of the video. Speakers were on to blare the “She don’t wanna come near me. My Dick is too big” line. A good laugh for everyone involved.

  3. With all do respect.

    1. Dr.Tom’s Music Therapy still sounds like something an elementary guidance councilor would conduct.
    2. Correct me if I am wrong, you are not a Doctor.

    Now I’m not one to say something is wrong and not give a solution. I understand you may hate my suggestions like an accountant hates a cold call but that’s ok.

    1. The Cooks Music Menu
    2. The T.O.M.S- “Tom’s Original Music Selection”

  4. interesting take Wes. no, i’m not a doctor. they don’t offer PhDs in music…wait they do? well, this is awkward.
    I think i’m digging the Cooks Music Menu. although the problem there is i’m also not a great cook. i’ve mastered breakfast. bobby flay keeps calling me for my over easy eggs recipe, but other than that i’m foreman bound. i still might take you up on the Cooks Music Menu (what’s the chef’s choice today).

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