Dr. Tom’s Music Remedy

the doctor is back. i’ve played over other possibilities of title names in my head, but still can’t seem to come up with anything i like other than Dr. Tom. plus i get to add Dr. to the front of my name without going to an additional 4+ years of school (or as our friends from the great white north call it “University”).

a few new things for these posts and i’m looking for feedback.

  1. it seems that i get a lot of suggestions on songs from people reading this blog and i want to put out songs that people like as well as expand my musical horizon so if you have a suggestion tweet me at @tcook6strings on The Twitter (that’s what my dad calls it. also sitonmyfacebook.com might eventually be a trending dating site).
  2. i’m going to try and post smaller band who don’t get too much traffic who are currently on tour so maybe if they are making a stop in your city you can go (this is a great first (or any) date idea)).

I try to find songs that you haven’t heard of before or maybe you just need a reminder that they still exist. this is a song that you may have heard in this commercial on sunday.

The band is Fun. Which is a pun. which is also poetry because i just rhymed. i’m multi-talented. I can also juggle chainsaws while making eggs perfectly over-easy. Anyway – Fun. is one of those bands on the cusp of going worldwide quickly and has a sound that we can look back on in 20 years and say “that was (and still is) some damn good music” They’re on tour right now – here’s their schedule. i’ve seen em live before and its worth every penny. if you’re paying in pennies, shame on you. they also have album dropping on Feb 21st. so, here’s the song We Are Young – Fun. Enjoy.


8 responses to “Dr. Tom’s Music Remedy

  1. Dustin Riedesel

    I’m adding this lead singer to the “people who are more successful than me but I could kick their ass” list. It’s a long list than callously excludes most professional athletes, guys in the WWE, and nearly all military personnel. But this lead singer is on the list!

  2. Bonus: Chevy is giving away the song aka happiness for a limited time at http://letsdothis.com/stunts/

  3. good call. download the song. but, thennn buy the album 😉

  4. Just so you know, Glee was already all over that. (I know that doesnt give me any man points.)

  5. yeah man. you’re at even for man points on that one. -1 for watching glee. +1 for having the kahunas to admit you’ve watched glee.

  6. so if i bang a dude and then have the balls to admit it im not a woman?

  7. the fact that you have balls and probably an adams apple already means you aren’t a woman…technically. but the banging a dude part isn’t a 1 to 1 correlation. admitting is just a +1. not sure where your sexcapade falls on the negative man scale.

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