Daily Archives: February 15, 2012

10 Blog Posts You Won’t See on Writing Bareback

Here’s 10 topics that won’t be getting my personal attention on Writing Bareback.

1. Are the best days of cinematic bowling behind us? – I’m still holding out hope for this Wahlberg/Ferrell re-team with the working title “Turkey Bowl”, but it sadly seems to have lost steam.

2. Why morality should still be rewarded in Virgins – The cultural exchange rate on the value of virgins is too tough to work out.

3. Pinky and The Brain: A hidden love storymessage boards like this–that try to warp the innocnence of my childhood–make me sick!

4. Commercial Appeal: Sara McLachlan for the SPCA I was barely able to keep it together long enough to write this sentence.

5.The Male Playbook: “The Golden Retriever” – I’ll let your imagination write this post.

6. Who Does America Love More, Mexicans or Americans? – I really think it’s Mexicans. There’s a love/lust argument and a wife/mistress argument here, but both of them are hard for me to think about. I’d rather pretend the affair isn’t happeneing.

7. The Dusty Television: Street Sharks – Mutant sharks with legs and a good steroid supplier fight crime. I probably should write about this….this or Biker Mice from Mars.

8. The KC Royals vs the Pittsburgh Pirates: Running Diary – One caveat here. If I join a Chinese opium den that picks this game up on MLB Extra Innings, I will do a running diary of this game.

9. O-H, Oh No: William Taft and other sucky Ohio-ans – Ohio is to states what Jersey Shore is to TV. You don’t really like it, but you’re glad it’s around to make fun of.

10. Jeremy Lin – It’s too big. He’s too big. I might crank out an article about the couches he used to sleep on, but that’s about the most I can chew.

Sometimes a man has to to be honest with himself about what’s really important, and I’ve chosen to only blog at the highest level. You’re welcome.