Daily Archives: February 16, 2012

Hidden Hotties: The Inaugural Post

Ruth Stafford Peale–who was the wife of the Reverend Norman Vincent Peale, author of “The Power of Positive Thinking”–is credited with the quote “Find a need and fill it”. It has come to the attention of Tommy and myself that there is a sector of celebrity that doesn’t get nearly enough run. It’s the nameless hotties that are hidden in the obscurity of untraveled internet space. You might find her as the pitchgirl for a tax shop or a pest controller. She might be the fan in the background of a phenomenal highlight. Who knows. The point is, we’re stepping up to fill this need.

You can send us ones you’ve found at writingbareback1@gmail.com, or you can tweet me at @dustinriedesel or tommy at @tcook6strings. Currently, my personal criteria is that a google search for “who’s the girl on [insert where you saw her]” comes up with nothing close to a clue. But it’s always evolving

Our inaugural girl is the headline model at 1040.com. And while she looks more simple than smart, she professes that filing your taxes online can be both. I made an effort to find out who she was, but came up empty.

I think my favorite meathead tagline is “I’d let her review my assets”…but I’m not putting too much work into it.

Who and where she is remains unknown. She is a hidden hottie.


Dr. Tom’s Music Remedy – The Cinema

The weather’s been pretty nice, so I figured no one would be starving for a musical remedy. Then I realized, kinda like Adderall and ADD, I can prescribe new music to anyone and it will just seem normal. (Disclaimer: I had to look up the correct spelling of Adderall and think its beautiful that ADD are the first 3 letters).

Anyway, this warmer weather has me in a good mood (I also stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night), so I want to share a band called The Cinema. They pair fun electronic beats with lyrics that I promise will be stuck in your head all day (in a good way, not a Rick Roll’d kinda way). As far as I know they aren’t on tour or planning a tour anytime soon, but the album is totally worth picking up. It’s been on repeat for me for the last week. Its the kinda album you and your girl can roll the windows down and cruise to, but fits in perfectly at any party you might be throwing or attending. I’ve said too much, and I’m getting emotional – here’s the song.

PS – If you have a song you want me to share with the world tweet me @tcook6strings Enjoy!