Daily Archives: March 6, 2012

Jogging HotSpot: Fairview Road In Raleigh, NC

So I’m in my girlfriend’s car after work, and we’re driving eastbound (and) down Fairview towards the Five Points section of Raleigh. I possess keen observational skills that rarely miss a fit female jogger on the side of the road. Knowing that saying “that girl was kind of hot” is poor boyfriend etiquette but not being able to just keep my mouth shut, I opt for, “There’s a lot of people gettin’ their run on.”

“This is a really popular street for joggers in Raleigh,” she says.

Does anybody really think about that when they go jogging?

Grounded Male: “Hey, want to get a few miles in on Hillsborough street?”
Douchosaurus Rex: “Yeah, and then I’d like to funnel a case of Busch Tight and eat some Totino’s. I’m not in college, idiot. I only go jogging on Fairview Road.”

I imagine the kind of people that jog on a particular road for any reason outside of convenience probably own actual jogging attire. Because, you know, you just can’t get motivated when you’re wearing an old t-shirt….Well, there could be one more reason: if you see a tall guy with poor limb control jogging down Fairview and body-checking people off the sidewalk, feel free to yell hello. I’ll probably be in a great mood.