Dr. Tom’s Music Remedy – Grouplove

Before I start, let me just (humbly) say you’ve all probably heard of the success of the band fun. which we posted a video of several weeks ago before their album dropped. Don’t believe me? Click this. We here at Writing Bareback want to make you funnier, hipper, sexier and smarter. Think about how much hipster cred you woulda gained if you told your friends on February 7th “Man, I really think this band fun. is gonna do big things.”? Just sayin.

And now on to the business. Sorry for the lack of of music remedies lately. As a highly paid, licensed and insured, medical doctor, I’ve vacationing across Europe for the last few weeks and haven’t had time to prescribe new music. All of that was a lie, I’ve just been neglecting posts and am back on the wagon.

There’s been a song that I’ve been singing for the last few weeks and that song is Love Will Save Your Soul by Grouplove. The beat is killer, the words are simple and catchy and I’m a lover not a fighter so the song title does it for me. (*note: I’m also a fighter so don’t push me).

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s hump day (I really wish was more literally humping, not the metaphorical mountain in my week) so I feel like everyone could use a little extra pep in their step. Grouplove is on tour April-June and I’ll be checkin em out April 30th – http://www.grouplovemusic.com/

Here’s the song – let me know what you think! Feel free to tweet me songs you want me to post/review/make awkward comments about @tcook6strings

3 responses to “Dr. Tom’s Music Remedy – Grouplove

  1. Dustin Riedesel

    This is the kind of song that could have totally been playing during a dimly-lit, last ditch effort from Ryan Atwood to drop his fiercely-guarded maverick personality and put the moves on Marissa Cooper in an effort to save them both from the spiral of loaded-as-crap teen angst…..Um, that’s what girls who actually watched The OC tell me.

  2. Catchy tune but I need more substance than “love will save your soul.” A little lacking in lyrical depth in this physicians opinion.

  3. love is clearly the greatest antidote for a lacking soul. we aren’t talking about herpes, which love will not save and it was probably the cause.

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