Daily Archives: March 8, 2012

Song From Dollar Shave Club

I’m not Dr. Tom, so take my opinion on this tune for what it’s worth, but I am diggin’ it. BTW, if you haven’t been paying attention to the Dr. Tom anthology that’s been building over the last couple of months, it’s pretty impressive. Here’s what he’s thrown up in 6 posts (with my opinion on best to worst):

  • Grouplove (3)
  • The Cinema (5)
  • FUN. (1)
  • Childish Gambino (6, but it was for Hip-Hop Friday, so duh (soda?))
  • The Early November (4)
  • Butch Walker and the Black Widows (2)

Anywho, as you may or may not have seen, I was completely enamored with the Dollar Shave Club commercial, and wasn’t too surprised to see that I was one of thousands that searched out the song from the spot on YouTube. So it’s posted here for you to enjoy too, along with the lyrics.

One last thing: now that I’ve heard the whole song, I love it more. I’ve always believed that the recipe for bliss was a perfect blend of ignorance and arrogance. Basically, it’s Kenny Powers with even less self-awareness. And if this song isn’t the anthem for that mindset, I don’t know what is.

I don’t need no nine mil glock
These hands are deadly guns
From smokin, drinkin, bein a thug
I sip hypnotyq from a coffee mug
I keep a healthy state of mind
I only drink and drive night

I know Karate
I Know Jujitsu
I Drive Like a Gangsta when I’m coming to see you

And I’m coming to see you all the time
I Got a bottle of cheap jug wine
Pop some pills and make some love and try to recline
I like to drive into the sun
I like it when your sitting gun
My single is on, it’s number one

I know Karate
I Know Jujitsu
I Drive Like a Gangsta when I’m coming to see you
  Iknow Karate
I got some mojo
But holding hands aint something I do, thats true!

My best girl asked me if she’s the only one
I gotta be blunt, I say
(everybody) Hell yeah!!!