Daily Archives: March 27, 2012

Hidden Hotties: A Strong Partner

So my buddy Wes sends me a link to Hoovers.com, a site he randomly came across for work purposes. It was immediately obvioust that the girl gracing the home page was both hot and hidden (the one-shot Google search for “who is the hoovers.com girl” revealed no information). Instead of writing down my shallow thoughts, I’ve simply screen-captured the g-chat conversation between Dr. Tom and myself. Yep…the laziness has come to that. I’ve allowed you to see that there was an effort at redemptive conversation with T-Bone earlier in the day that didn’t pan out (I’ve said previously that from the moment I wake up, I become a progressively worse person until I go to sleep…that’s reason #283 to never be up past midnight).

Lover of the Unsolved Mystery,