Safety First: A Moment of Idiocy

Every now and then I come across a video that is just too absurd to not talk about. This is one of them.

  1. The guy cares about safety. You’ll notice his orange vest. I probably wouldn’t have put a vest on to shoot 2-liters on the ground. Big ups.
  2. Has anyone ever been so excited about sucking at something? He missed a 2-liter with a shotgun from about 10 feet. A shotgun! That’s a rare level of inaccuracy. The very first thought I had when that guy missed the 2-liter was, “Gosh, that guy can’t sand in the desert.” About ten seconds later I’m thinking, “Thank God!”
  3. Would this video be more popular if the gun kicked down toward his face instead of up through his hat brim? Would you watch a viral video about a man who literally blew his head off? I hate to say it, but I think the exploding head gets a ton of morbid traffic.

Maybe this guys should wear some blaze orange face paint the next time he’s out. He might remember to not point his gun at it.

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