Burning Questions from a Hungry Man

What follows in the lines below are the questions that plague a tired man who had to rely on Ramen noodles during his lunch break. There will be no further explanation:

  • Is “agnostic” a flexible word?
  • Do the personalities of cats reflect God’s nature more than the personalities of dogs?
  • What’s the point of self-improvement?
  • Is there a less defensible sin than parking in a handicap spot?
  • What’s the best part of having sex with twenty three-year-olds?
  • How important is spelling and grammar?
  • What’s the point of joke that doesn’t make a point?
  • What is the nutritional value of wood?
  • Does yaneon like dowsraclbesrm?
  • Why doesn’t anyone ever try playing the insanely fun verbal version of wordscramble?
  • Are unnatural things inherently evil?
  • Speaking generally, who cares?
  • If I was immortal, would I still believe in marriage?
  • Why is it weird to hang out with a stripper who’s not in a strip club?
  • When at a strip club, what does it say about one’s relational priorities if you’d rather talk to your waitress than a stripper?
  • Speaking specifically, who cares?

Thinking about it,
Dusty “The Inquisitor” Riedesel

2 responses to “Burning Questions from a Hungry Man

  1. AJ (The Answer) Riedesel

    The word agnostic must be flexible because agnosticism claims that what’s right is right in each persons owns eyes. So if all people view agnosticism with different meaning, they’re all right because they cannot be wrong.

    Gods personality is reflected closest by humans since we are made in His image.

    Self improvement is impossible. Improvement through christ has a point. “Without christ I am nothing”

    Can we call it a sin to park in a handicap spot? Are we trying to defend the evil nature of the crime or the act itself?

    Best part of having sex with them is that we are experienced enough at sex to be good at it, but we are still young enough to think that one night stands is a natural part of human behavior. Therefore the best part about 23 year olds is all the skills of a veteran but the immaturity of a frosh.

    Spelling, grammar, and the use of punctuation is a very important aspect of writing, simply because without it, the meaning of a sentence can have an entirely different meaning.

    If no laughter comes from the joke, then there is no point. For a joke with no laughter and no point, is a waste of everyones time.

    To know the nutritional value of wood, we must ask the beaver.

    I cannot answer a question that I cannot understand

    Probably because of the mental challenge required toi play the game

    What makes upo the unnatural? For at the core of everything, there is the natural. You’re question is simply asking if combining naturals together is evil, the answer is no.

    How can you speak to the general public when you’re asking a question to the specific?

    A persons interest in unity with another person should have nothing to do with mortality. Before Adam sinned God gave him Eve. Mortality has nothing to do with the need for a partner.

    Because once you’ve placed a label on anyone, them outside the settings of that label becomes confusing to what is expected.

    This speaks more to your sexual tendencies than your relational priorities. The ebtering of the strip club speaks to your relational priorities, while the interest in what’s inside speaks to the sexual tendencies.

    I do, you do, and He does.

  2. Dustin Riedesel

    Glad someone’s reading….a few thoughts:

    Many of the second questions were asked to serve as explanation for the previous question, so the “dowsraclbesrm” was supposed to be understood when you see it fixed as “wordscramble”. And the reason spelling and grammar matter is so that you don’t think “Who has sex with twenty 3-year-olds?” Although I like the “arrogance and ignorance” logic in the sex with 23-year-olds argument….and even more so, I like pensiveness. Have you been reading actual books?

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