Daily Archives: September 26, 2012

Life Is A Spectator Sport

I’ve recently become aware that I’ve spent the majority of my life as a spectator.  This is a sad realization.  And it’s one I should have had sooner.  It’s the realization that I’ve taken the majority of my time to attend venues or events where I’m of lesser, if not least, importance than others.  The only solace I feel in this realization is that it’s not one I’ve suffered alone.  What am I talking about exactly?

Did you ever play a sport you weren’t good at?  And instead of spending your time in an area of your gifts like computer programming, you just show up season after season for your place on the bench? You may be on the team, but you’re a spectator.

Ever been to a wedding?  An event that begs your attendance merely to enjoy someone else’s enjoyment?  Even if you make time with a bridesmaid, you’re a spectator.  Ironically, crashing a wedding does not make you a spectator, but it probably makes you weird.

Do you like going to Chiefs’ games? Then you’re cool.  Do you like going to Cowboys’ games?  Even when Romo was Aikman, you were a spectator.

The people worth doing are off doing worthwhile things.  Write that down.  Turns out that watching Battlestar Galactica on Netflix with popcorn dust stuck in your chesthair doesn’t qualify.  Can’t keep being a spectator.

Have you ever seen another guy leave the room with the girl you didn’t talk to? You’re a spectator.  But don’t beat yourself up.  She was probably fat/ugly/club-thumbed/big-footed/mousy-looking/cankled/snaggletoothed anyway.

Have you ever spent your lunch hours reading a book instead of writing one? You’re a spectator.

Have you ever watched someone star in a summer blockbuster?  Yes.  Have you ever starred in a summer blockbuster?  No.  You’re a spectator.

Watch sports? Plays? Slam poetry? Yes.  Participate? No. You’re a spectator.

Thing is, that’s life.  Nobody shows up to watch me dial my sales phone or do my monthly load of laundry.  For most of us, that’s the way it is.  Because that’s the work of our life.  What do we do for sport? We spectate.  But every now and then, we get our moment in the sun.

Ever read the blog of a guy who spends most of his life spectating.  You’re eyes feel so good, spectator.