Dr. Tom is Back in Business

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I really hope you can find it your heart to forgive me. It was brought to my attention last night by one of our female readers (*cough*cough*suz*) that I’ve been majorly slacking on the music front. Since Dustin and I are men of the people, I wanted to make sure I delivered immediately! Besides, I’m sure your life has been void of good music for a few months now. Hopefully you haven’t regressed back to listening to Creed and Bette Midler.

To make up for lost time, I’m going to prescribe you with 2 gems that are prime listening for the crisp fall weather.

After the Halloween festivities last night, you’ll need something calm, soothing and twangy (it’s actually a word). Something that reminds you of last night and is easy on your pounding hung over head. Ryan Adams had a phase mid-career where he was all about the twang – when he was Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. For tonight, give “A Kiss Before I Go” a listen. The chorus chimes in with “One shot, one beer and a kiss before I go..” Sounds like a pretty fitting way to leave the bar to me..

The next song you’ll be prescribed is another one from the vault. This is a song I’ve enjoyed since I was a confused, hopeless romantic 17 year old. 10 years later (wow…10 years) this song still hits me the same way. Copeland’s “Coffee” is a song for the lover in you. If you’re not afraid to be cheesy, turn this tune on and slow dance with your lady in the living room (27 and still a hopeless romantic). I also love coffee. I’m done talking, enjoy the tune!

Sorry for the several month hiatus; but I’m back!


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