Dr. Tom – Good Old War: “Amazing Eyes”

I was on Spotify today (if you aren’t, then you’re losing in life), and it suggested that based on my listening history, I would enjoy this song. Spotify, you couldn’t have been more right. (Side note, it also suggested an awful rap song called Bloggin Like a Boss. Guess I should stop listening to Bow Wow on Friday’s).

Today’s song comes from the group Good Old War (who I’ve told you about before here) and the song is Amazing Eyes. This comes off of their 3rd album which, if you don’t own, you need to.

Before I get into the song, I’m drawn to a girl’s eyes. Always have been. Blue. Green. Blue-green. Brown. Doesn’t matter. And I think every guy can agree (and every girl has done this) that a subtle wink, blink, whatever will make you wild. So naturally I’m biased toward this song.

The song opens up and the first 4 words are “You have amazing eyes…” and you’re like, “Come on Dr. Tom, how cheesy can you get?” Directly followed by “The right one’s suspicious and the left one wants my love” and you’re like “YES! All to familiar feeling. This girl likes me, but does she? I can’t tell. Why are girls so confusing?” Real doctor’s can’t answer this question so I won’t venture a guess.

Later in the song the verse comes in with “You’re a little bit broken, I’m a little bit broken. But when we put ourselves together, my oh my.” And now it all makes sense, we’re all just pieces of the same puzzle, and when you find that one piece that fits perfectly next to yours, you hold on to it! If you’ve ever tried putting together a 1,000 piece puzzle of a garden scene, you know how glorious it is finding 2 pieces that fit together.

So, let’s get on to it.

Love, love,


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