Get out tomorrow and VOTE

So you’ve been listening to political ads for months. You’ve watched your friends become political scholars on Facebook. Heck, maybe you even engaged in a debate (conversation, argument, etc) of your own. Tomorrow is the day when we all get to exercise our right, nay, responsibility to vote.

We here at Writing Bareback typical take on lighter topics (See: Everything else we’ve ever posted). From Ninja Turtles to Kobe Bryant to Childish Gambino. That said, if you look at our banner you’ll see we love American (and bald eagles) first. Poop? second. And ourselves somewhere in between. So we wanted to use our self-built (with your love and support) platform to make sure we did all we can to get you out there and cast your vote.

Whether you’re Republican. Democrat. Independent. Libertarian. We don’t care, just get out there and make sure your voice is heard. The one thing none of us can afford to be is apathetic.

For those of you in North Carolina, if you’re still not sure where to vote, click on the link below and type in your address: . If you’re not in NC, go to Google (or Yahoo/Bing if you swing that way) and type in (Your State) voting locations, then follow the steps above.

We’re also not the type to let an opportunity pass. So we’re going to ask for a little bit of help from you to spread the word about your FAVORITE blog and our new and (very) slowly improving Facebook page ( Inevitably, tomorrow all of your 1473 Facebook friends, the 237 people you follow on Twitter and the 93 Instagramers you follow (it’ll probably crash tomorrow) are going to post a picture of the “I Voted Today” sticker. They’ll have it on their shirt, hat, forehead and..well, let’s just hope you have classy friends that keep it PG.

In the spirit of being intentionally ironic, when you take your picture and filter it to Nashville so it looks way old and rustic and post it to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram make sure you you @mention Writing Bareback on Facebook. If Twitter is more your thing @mention @dustinriedesel and/or @tcook6strings .

That’s it, I’ve rambled more than I promised myself or Dusty that I would. Get out tomorrow and be American. Vote.



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