What should you wear to your company Holiday Party?

A Sad Farewell to the Office

I was once told by a very interesting, cultured man to always dress like you have somewhere nicer to go when you leave wherever you are. It keeps people wondering what interesting place you might be headed next, and “damn that guy looks sharp!” This is especially important in today’s super business casual work environment (I wear a t-shirt 3 out of 5 days a week). When you get a chance to show the people around you that you have some class, you do it! It’s always nice to hear “You clean up nicely!”

Below are 5 essential items you’ll need to look your best as you get a little saucy at your’s and your girl’s company holiday parties. (P.S. if you read all the way through I’ve left a little surprise Christmas song for you at the bottom since today is number 3 in our 25 Days of Christmas…Music countdown).

In case you have no idea what a herringbone blazer is…

1. A blazer. Ideally, you own a suit at this point in your life and even if the invite says “business casual attire” you wear the full suit. Every man looks and feels his best when he’s rocking a fresh suit (here’s how it should fit). If you’re not feeling the full suit, I suggest a blazer that’s either wool or herringbone (it’ll probably be cold), with either khakis or jeans. You can pick one up at Gap or Nordstrom for less than $100; that’s a small price to pay to look sharp.

2. If you don’t own/don’t feel like wearing a blazer it’s time for you to introduce yourself to a cardigan. If you’re just now figuring out that cardigans are in style again, you may need a little more help than this blog. A few quick tips about rocking the cardi.

  1. This is not your grandpa’s cardigan.
  2. The sleeves should be slim around the arms.
  3. The sleeves should stop at or just above your wrists.
  4. The bottom should end no lower than 1″ below your belt line.
  5. Leave the bottom 1 or 2 buttons undone.

Exhibit A. Actually, if you don’t feel like being creative, you could just wear exactly what this guy’s wearing and be solid.

3. A tie. If you think you’re too cool to rock a tie to your holiday party, then you’re not cool…at all. A lot of room for flexibility so I won’t try to box you into what I like, but use the tie to be festive. Here are a few pictures of one’s that I like:

Buffalo check cotton tie

Buffalo Check Tie; J.Crew $59

Solid tie

Wool tie; The Gap $29

Plaid silk tie

Red plaid; Banana Republic $59

4. Tie clip. These don’t only look rad, they also serve a purpose of keeping your tie in place and centered on your shirt. Here’s a few rules for how to wear the tie clip:

You can even go shorter than the tie width.
I’ll give 5 Schrute Bucks to anyone who can name the celebrate pictured here.

  1. It should not be as wide as the actual tie. If your tie clip extends past your tie, you’ll look like an idiot.
  2. You don’t want it to be too high or too low. General rule of thumb – somewhere between the 3rd and 4th button of your shirt.
  3. Don’t wear that weird, gaudy tie clip with the odd chain hanging below it. It’s not cool.

uhh…this is awkward. wtf is that? and why was that ever in style?

5. Pocket square. The classic, final touch that will really make your jacket. Here are some pictures of ways to rock a pocket square successfully. Personally I’m biased to the basic fold job.

My personal preference.

Can’t really argue with this either. And if you did, he’d kick your ass.

So there you have it. Don’t be basic at your Holiday Party. Use it as another opportunity to look your best. Besides, your crush in accounting will definitely notice.


And, as promised, here is DMX going REALLLLLL hard with his rendition of of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, because when you’re DMX…..you always go hard. My favorite part “Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say ‘COME ON.'” I’d like to believe that on that foggy Christmas Eve Santa was way more hyped, like Drew Brees pregame than the movie and song lead us to believe. By the way, this only has 11k views on YouTube when I published. YOU can be the one that shares this with an inner office chain and say YOU discovered it!

3 responses to “What should you wear to your company Holiday Party?

  1. “very interesting, cultured man” = editor of Men’s Health Magazine

  2. No one can truly rival a DMX “C’mon!”

  3. #4 is Jake Gylenhaal. I see him on the GQ magazine cover on the back of your toilet. But I probably would have gotten that anyway

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