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A Hodge-Podge of Stuff I Found on the Internet

What follows is a smattering of stuff the internet put in my head. I’m hashtagging them.

#lieofhumility – Will Smith passed on the role of sci-fi savior Neo, telling Wired magazine in 2004: “I just didn’t see [myself in that role]. I watched Keanu’s performance — and very rarely do I say this — but I would have messed it up.” Reeves is undoubtedly a grateful second choice, as the bullet-time badassery of Neo revived his career and became his trademark role.

#legendsneverdie – It’s as true of heroes like Babe Ruth as it is of movies like Sandlot as it is of inexplicably addicting games from our youth:

#sweetblogsurprise – There’s an interesting social dynamic amongst bloggers. A blogger “likes” another bloggers blog in hopes of generating interest/traffic to his own blg. This happened to Writing Bareback yesterday. The blog EncyclopediaHearSay “liked” Writing Bareback, so I looked at it. While it’s woefully underdeveloped, I’m endorsing the concept and infant execution of EncyclopediaHearSay (obviously I can’t hate on any website for being underdeveloped). EHS posts submissions written in a factual style about things the submitter knows about. How much they know? Who cares, it’s all hearsay.

#guiltypleasure – Is there a site that can kill time in a faster, less healthy way than The Dirty? This side of a porn addiction, I’m saying there is not (if there is, let me know. JK…but seriously).

#uplifting – Needed this encouragement after The Dirty.

#streamofblogging – Speaking of Booker T…

Happy Friday to all.

Dusty “Freebasing Protein in 2013” Riedesel