What to Look Forward to in January 2013

Mostly to get myself hyped for the month ahead, I’m going to be doing a “What to be excited about this month” post to kick off each month. In essential blogging fashion, I will limit this to broad topics like sports, movies and TV and not the things I’ll personally be looking forward to like the food I’m going to eat on my first cheat day of my New Year diet plan (I still haven’t decided!!!). Here you go:

Sports: Alabama vs Notre Dame

If there’s a national championship occurring, you can bet it’ll take the cake for the month (Spoiler alert: February’s main even is the Super Bowl). Who’s not rooting for Notre Dame in this one besides, you know, any SEC fan that believes Alabama winning means they all win? I love that Notre Dame is back here. It’s like college football’s version of a Clint Eastwood movie where a former badass is reverting back to its badass state. We’ll see if this Notre Dame team is more Gran Torino Clint or Unforgiven Clint, but either way, it’s just nice to have them back. Game’s on January 7th. Tune in.

How excited should you be? Unless you are alumni, not this excited:


Movie: Gangster Squad

Zero Dark Thirty is the obvious film to grab all the hype, but it’s just not my particular brand of vodka. I’ll see it, and I’ll probably retroactively love it way more than Gangster Squad, but this isn’t the “Things to Retroactively Love About January 2013” blog post. Opening January 11th, Gangster Squad features the return of the people’s sexiest man alive from 2011, Ryan Gosling, who was off-planet in 2012 (not to be confused with People’s Sexiest Man Alive from 2011, Bradley Cooper). Sean Penn yells a lot in a very non-Spicoli-esque role, and Emma Stone will flirt with you directly through the theater screen until you’re buttery enough to flavor your own popcorn. Josh Brolin’s in there too, but he doesn’t appear to have his No Country For Old Men mustache. Gangster Squad going to be sweet. I can feel it.

How excited should you be? It depends on how excited this makes you:

Television: Californication

This TV show, Californication, is like the little pervert that could. It’s profane and crass and hasn’t really gone anywhere in its first five seasons, but it’s got heart. Nobody thinks of Californication as being in the upper echelons of great TV, but that’s not really the point. Like the show’s care-free and impetuous protagonist says, “I may not go down in history, but I will go down on your sister.” Season 6 premieres on January 13th, and I’m pulling for Hank this season. He’s a lovable portrait of failed intentions, the human condition belabored upon a weak soul…plus there’s lots of genitalia jokes.

How excited should you be? Unless you’ve been along for the first 5 seasons, probably this excited:

Music: Ask Doctor Tom

Seriously, I have no idea what’s happening on the music front. I’m definitely still stuck on Eric Church’s Sinners Like Me album from 2006.

Miscellaneous: Resolution Convos

January is magical. Everyone feels reborn and hopeful. It’s best to take advantage of those feelings before other people do, otherwise you’ll have missed out on all the goodwill and be stuck dealing with the pessimism of late August. Easy lead-in: ask people about their New Year’s resolutions. Few other topics simultaneously disclose a person’s insecurities alongside their dreams. Knowing those two things are like putting your two hands on the steering wheel of their life car. Use that leverage as you will. Warning: do not drive the life car drunk. You will probably get injured in the crash.

How excited should you be for this? Very excited! Misogynists and gentlemen alike can benefit!

Have a happy January peeps.


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