Daily Archives: January 6, 2013

Not-So-Hidden Hottie – Directv “Genie”

It’s Sunday. It’s January. Like every other man in America, I’m watching football. While most companies are saving up their real banger commercials for February 3rd, some companies have been filling your home with memorable commercials non-stop. And let’s face it, with the invention of DVR, the ONLY time you watch live TV is during sports (and maybe some HBO Originals…OMG Girls starts back up next week).

So also, like every other guy who is having to suffer through most commericals, when Directv’s “What’s Worse than Cable” commercial comes on (see below) I’m wondering, “Who is the Directv ‘Genie?'”

That Genie, my friends, is the 22 year-old model from Saint Thomas, Hannah Davis. (I intentionally left that picture enormous). I’d like to send a personal, “Thank you” to Directv for adding a bit of eye-candy to my Sunday football watching.