This was just too good to NOT write about it.

Sometimes when you’re stumped and having trouble deciding on what to write about, a piece of comedic genius falls right in your lap. My little brother, G, sent me this video with the simple message, “’nuff said.” (You may have to sign in to watch it, but trust me, its totally worth the 15 seconds it takes you to type it in).

I could just end it with that, ’nuff said. But in true Writing Bareback fashion I feel the need to break this down a little bit. For starters, what the hell is Peer Pressure? Is it a music group? Dancers? Rappers? A chess club? For the first 15 seconds I have no idea and I’m left on the edge of my seat.

Now enter “Relentless” (the only member who doesn’t announce himself by his alias) lifting one dumbbell in an over-sized cut off tee. Still, no idea what’s about to happen. Then at 32 seconds…umm WHAT???? A dude alone in a poorly decorated living room humping a poorly placed ottoman. At this point you’re thinking, maybe this is just a guy working on his “technique” and like Peyton or Brady, he’ll take it into the film room later that night to perfect his craft.

Then 52 seconds. STOP IT!!!! There’s no way these guys are going to both violate that poor ottoman…..oh, but yes. X2C (Noun: ex-tuh-see) steps in to show Alan P what he’s all about. Overcome with euphoria, Alan P violently rips off his over-sized cut off and proceeds to do the vertical worm.

This parade of wife beater, gym short wearing dudes step in one by one, announcing themselves and having their way with the ottoman. All until Alan P slowly worms his way back into the frame followed by the rest of Peer Pressure worming their way all into the frame and showing off their moves.

A few things I want to point out here:

  1. No one ever offered to buy the ottoman a vodka cranberry. That’s rude. Vodka cranberry is both delicious and healthy.
  2. How do all 5 of Peer Pressure not so much as crack a smile during all of this? I watched and literally lol’d the entire time. My only theory is they’re so caught up in their own flow, that they’re blind to what the other member is doing.
  3. How did they decide order of entry? Draw straws? Numbers in a hat? Did the have a vertical worm dance-off?
  4. When their parents have their feet on that ottoman later tonight and find this video are they going to burn the ottoman or keep using it and pretend it never happened?
  5. Is this what kids are doing these days? We used to lower the basketball rim and video tape from a low angle so it looked like we were dunking the ball on a 10′ rim. I blame MTV, liberal media and YouTube.
  6. Really glad they end the video with THE END annnnd roll credits. Great film editing. This should be entered at Sundance. Oh and it was “Chorographed by All of us.” Shame the video editing software didn’t come with spell check.

Why are you still reading? Shouldn’t you be chorographing your own dance moves and posting it to YouTube?


2 responses to “This was just too good to NOT write about it.

  1. Video games made them do it. Isn’t that what the government is blaming everything on these days?

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