Win A Chipotle Gift Card for Naming Writing Bareback’s Male Bag (working title)

I know you didn’t miss the classy filigree added to the Writing Bareback’s parent menu. But in case you did, I’ve added this image of when “The Male Bag (working title)” was magiced down from the heavens to its digital Bethlehem.

The Male Bag Intro


Only a click away, this slightly overhyped, messianic feature is ready for the loyal readership of wise men and women on Writing Bareback to come pay tribute. Or more accurately, to contribute with questions, ideas, articles and links that need to be disseminated to the rest of Writing Bareback nation (which is growing faster than Evan Baxter’s beard). From what I can tell, some of our readers are smarter than Tommy and almost as smart as me, so it only makes sense to get them involved.

Male Bag Question

The first order of business, let’s get a decent name for a page that will house the dozens of inquiries and thousands of compliments of this site’s readers. We’ll accept any idea as long as it is backed up by a convincing argument (or is just flat-out funny). Whichever idea that Tommy and I decide is our favorite will have earned one of two trophies: $10 Chipotle gift card, or the picture of the ideator’s choice heading the soon-to-be-named page.

So hit the new feature, and start throwing some ideas at us. Nothing is off limits, and know that your name will not be published with your submission without your written permission. Cause we’re classy.

12 responses to “Win A Chipotle Gift Card for Naming Writing Bareback’s Male Bag (working title)

  1. Hibachi sauce

  2. The dirty undies

  3. Christopher Geer

    Male Sack / Word Sack.

  4. Not so classy:
    The Swank Bank
    Premarital Specs
    Voluntary Submission(s)

    The Thinkwell
    The Soapbox
    The Collection (or Collective)
    The Depot (or Deposit)

    It’s 2:35 am. I am tired. I will think of more tomorrow.

  5. The Raw Dog.
    The Raw Deal.

  6. I vote Male Sack!

  7. You Come First

  8. If you pick this, I’ll sleep with you

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