Daily Archives: February 4, 2013

Vote Now For The New Name of The Male Bag (working title)

The Male Bag Intro

I’d like to thank everyone who submitted an idea for what we should call our reader submission page. Tommy and I would have named it ourselves, but when you’re dealing with something so shockingly revolutionary in its social interactivity, democratizing the title process is lazy, logical and just feels right. While my personal favorite is “The Den of Inquiry,” I’m not going to say anything that might color your decision other than one subtle parenthetical suggestion (“Den of Inquiry” is only a couple shades behind “Super Bowl Beyonce” in its potential to give our readership a collective boner). Now ring in those votes. I’m betting the first one to hit 8 votes takes this thing. Remember, a Chipotle gift card is on the line!

More of a TLC guy myself,
Dusty “Right Eye” Riedesel