The Music Alley – Twenty One Pilots

In the spirit of The Grammy’s I felt inspired to share some new tunes with you all. (I’m about to stand on my soapbox) It’s really awesome seeing truly talented musicians and song writers like Fun., Mumford & Sons and others being recognized in the national spotlight for ACTUALLY writing and performing their own music (drops mic, walks off).

Tonight I’m coming to you with something that has a little different flavor. I might be a little late to the game on this one, but based on a poll of my friends who have never heard of them, I’ll just assume this will be new to you as well.

The band Twenty One Pilots is a 2-man group out of Columbus, OH. I’ve tried to nail down a genre to fit these guys in, but every time I settle on something, the next song comes on and I totally scrap my previous thoughts. This album is a microcosm of my iPod with its bipolar tendencies and total disregard for keeping a structure.

Every time I listen to the album (for 5 straight days last week), I feel like Scrooge in A Christmas Carol as I’m taking on a journey to my musical tastes past, present and future. It’s equal parts The Killers, HelloGoodbye, Flobots and them some stuff that I don’t think I’ve experienced before.

Ease your way into the album with Guns For Hands:

Then get a little weird with Ode to Sleep:

I’d suggest following up with Screen (the piano at the beginning leaves me singing a Kanye song):

Finally end it with House of Gold if you’re feeling sentimental:

Long live good music,


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One response to “The Music Alley – Twenty One Pilots

  1. Let me back this up with they are SO good live, especially if you like artists who aren’t afraid to jump into the audience multiple times. Also “Trees” is an epic rock session. Everyone go see them now.

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