Daily Archives: July 2, 2013

How To Deal With Disappointment, an Infallible Methodology

Blogging is sometimes a paradoxical process. The act of writing is inherently private, and the act of sharing publicizes narcissism. It’s the narcissism that releases the lighter fare of Writing Bareback. That’s not going to change. I’m not going to air the dirty laundry and letdowns of life here. Those emotions are best confessed to my car’s dashboard. Instead, let me fill you in on a few behavioral tips to get over any disappointment.

Internalize. Bottle up your disappointment and let yourself feel it, but don’t let anyone else know what has happened. You are the unshakable center of your universe. This is an important first step when the emotion is strongest. If you can nail this, you can still function.

Work out daily. Whether it’s a failed relationship, getting laid off, or you just saw The Green Lantern for the first time, your frustration needs an outlet. Your not Taylor Swift, so stay away from songwriting.  Eating will make you fat. Therapy is too expensive, and all they really do is bill you for sitting there and then throw pills at you (so, maybe, if pills are your thing). Working out might even give you some swagger back if you start liking what you see in the mirror.

Stay social. This is an accountability check since you’ve decided to internalize your disappointment around others. Sometimes you’ll even forget that you should be depressed.

(Optional) Write an expository blog post that allows you to act as your own therapeutic counselor.

Overcorrect. Get fired? Make your new job your life (also, bills). Get dumped? You should be dating like Don Juan, the world’s greatest lover. Watch The Green Lantern? Watch the entire Dark Knight trilogy.

Share. Someone trusted. Someone who won’t mind you trying to explain how an everyday occurrence is world-crushing when it happens to you. Someone who understands how Parallax was grossly misrepresented.

Balance. Maybe dial back and find some solace. Be comfortable in the quiet. Does that mean fewer workouts, fewer happy hours, less dating, less office time? Maybe. Your call. The key is that you don’t cling to your overcorrected lifestyle too tightly. Without you realizing it, your new obsession is creating a constantly reinforced barrier that makes you fear the disappointment you’ve experienced. Next thing you know, FX runs a Green Lantern promo on a Saturday afternoon and your roommate asks you why your sucking your thumb.

If none of this works, just get blind drunk and wait for six months to pass. I swear this has 90% success rate. 90% of the time you bottom out and can start fresh. Let’s not worry about that other 10%