5 Things I wanted when I was a teenager that I’m glad my Dad nixed

At 14 its hard to get a good hair cut and try to make braces look cool (they will never be), let alone make the determination of what is ACTUALLY cool and what is just a fleeting trend. Below are 5 things that, in retrospect, I’m really glad that my dad told me “No. Freak.” Oh and it’s his birthday, so happy 52nd, Pops.


They say “Timing is everything.” Never has this been truer than quick burning flame of popularity that was JNCO…and maybe that time for about 6 months when people thought Orgy was a talented band. JNCO took piped jeans (and jorts) to the next level. Middle school is a confusing time, and if it weren’t for my dad, it would have been even more confusing if I wore these for day.

A Star Tattoo

(Disclaimer: If you have a star tattoo, this is not dig on you….OK yeah it is).

I blame it on my obsession with the music of Blink-182 and New Found Glory and my still mushy, malleable brain, but I would draw a star on my hand or arm with a Sharpie every day. I swore it would be a decision I’d never regret…..and so did the people with Tribal Arm Band tatts on their bicep.  Thank you dad.

A Ball Chain Necklace

I have no clue what the appeal of these things were. Maybe I thought it would go well with my punk rocker image and JNCOs I’d never get. Either way, it seemed that as these grew in popularity, “bigger is better” became the motto (Dusty will debate that this is always the case). In any case, as it turns out, never was definitely better.

A Chain Wallet

The look seemed so “biker” and bad ass. In theory it’s a great idea since it would be really tough for someone to pick-pocket you. I really needed a chain on my wallet to protect the 20 dollars, $2 dollar bill gift from Grandma and picture of my high school girlfriend from being jacked at the lunch table.

Frosted Tips

Never mind….that actually happened.

Iced tips for days,


3 responses to “5 Things I wanted when I was a teenager that I’m glad my Dad nixed

  1. Haha hilarious

  2. Stupid

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