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A Man Takes Pic With Cat, Never Looked Cooler

What’s the best thing about this picture?

You can’t answer this question because it’s too big for you. It’s like deciding between water, air and sunlight for the Earth’s most esential element. Let’s instead focus on what this poor man’s Ravishing Rick Rude was thinking as he reviewed this pic for the first time. For anyone who thinks I’m making fun of this guys, don’t forget that I’m a documented, cat-ownership apologist.

“All aboard the vagina town express!”

“I was a little nervouse that the tanktop, gold chain, mullet and mustache were going to come across as trying too hard. Boy, was I wrong!”

“The only thing that sucks about Mr. Zabu looking exactly like the last Smilodon is that he’s making my guns less intimidating.”

“I’ll bet Mr. Zabu could’ve killed that photographer in 16 seconds if I wasn’t holding him back.”

“Poor man’s Rick Rude, my ass!”