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Worth a visit: Crafty Beer Shop, Raleigh, NC


Located off of Glenwood and Fairview in the Five Points location of Raleigh, the Crafty Beer Shop is a recent addition to a retail niche for beer merchants. Prior trailblazers to this particular model in the City of Oaks includes Ridgewood Beer & Wine Co. off of Wade Ave and Bottle Revolution off of Lake Boone Trail.  The concept? Drink here, and then take some home. It’s a sensible model.

Opened in July of 2013, the shop is still finding its way  into the consciousness of locals, but my two visits have been overwhelmingly positive, and considering that I’m enjoying their products even as I type this (a Tank 7 from my hometwon Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City), I felt obligated to answer some of your burning questions on whether or not a visit is worth your time.


Do you like beer? YOU DO, and it’s a good thing. That’s the preeminent prerequisite for visiting the CBS. As far as I can tell, beer is 95% of the appeal. There’s a limited wine selection and some artisanal cheese straws, but it’s like I tell 14-year-old kids, “No matter what you hear, you don’t go to a strip club for the lunch buffet.”

Do you know anyone who likes beer? Stop traffic, because YOU DO! Well, feel free to make their day by purchasing them any one of the 500+ craft beers on site (this is the claimed number from a WRAL business review. I’d be surprised if they matched that number, but it’s a grand selection none the less).

Do you like spending a little time drinking in public and then going home and drinking more of the thing you were drinking in public? Great news if YOU DO, because that’s exactly what this store is all about.


When describing your favorite aftertaste in a beer, do the words “pretentious”, “particular”, “local”, or “refined” ever escape your mouth? They DO NOT, and that’s okay, because a totally regular guy can enjoy the beer here. The bartenders on both my visits were informative and helpful, sure, but they were mostly friendly and communal, a must for any local purveyor of craft beer.

Do you live in the Five Points area or surrounding neighborhoods? It’s Raleigh, so chances are YOU DO. Go ahead and DVR New Girl this week. Learn something. The more you know, you know?

It’s a good shop, gang. Give it a shot. After all, this post isn’t called “The Best F—ing Activity Choice Ever: Crafty Beer Shop” for a reason. It’s simply worth a visit. You have a lot of weekdays. Drown one.

Beers becoming more fun than writing,
Dusty “Dinner Time” Riedesel