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Thanks for reading, pal! – A Blogger’s Pain

So this popped up in my Twitter feed yesterday:

Andy Greenwald is my favorite recapper and TV writer, so I couldn’t help but be amused. James Tyler was asking Andy Greenwald about FX’s The Bridge because Andy writes about TV for a living. It can sensibly be considered a common interest. Well, Tyler wasn’t wrong, actually. Greenwald has written about every single episode of The Bridge for his employer, Grantland.com.

Part of you feels bad for Tyler. It’s not often you show interest in someone’s opinion by stating that you’ve been actively ignoring their opinion for months. How’s he bounce back? “Oh, shoot man. I’m sorry I didn’t take time to Google what a TV writer took time to write about TV before asking him what he thought of TV.” Part of me doesn’t blame him. It happens. It’s no big deal. Carry on.

I know because this happens with me on a semi-weekly basis. I write about a game/show/song, post links to it on my Twitter and my Facebook, and then one of my best friends will be asking me if I saw said event a couple days later even five minutes after he tells me he loves the blog. Thanks for reading, pal! I want to be indignant, and then I remember that no one cares what I think and my mom dresses me funny. I retreat back to my bloggery and blog about my “friend” not reading the blog. It’s my cross to bear.

Accepting your sympathetic Facebook likes,
Dusty “PityPit” Riedesel