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New Girl Recap: Are Schmidt’s Two-Timing Actions Defensible?

Due to the early stages of a recent relational tumble, I’m watching TV with a little more intensity than usual. This is how it effects the blog.


In last night’s New Girl, Schmidt saw his two-timing of Cece and Elizabeth explode in a pie-filling climax on his face. It wasn’t pretty. Even though Winston might have gone certifiably insane after discovering color-blindness, revealing a puzzle fetish, and stealing a cat in the wake of almost-GF Daisy’s size-15 dalliance, Schmidt is having the worst season ever. His extreme self-obsessed lifestyle—rooted in the fear of people thinking badly of him—has hurt nearly all the main characters of the show and centered him as the catalyst for the rest of the season as he vows to break up Nick and Jess. Though still light-hearted, Schmidt now seems like a legitimate villain. But the whole situation does raise some questions.

Will Schmidt and Cece get back together?

Write this statement with mithril-infused ink and print it on a slate of adamantium laced papyrus. Schmidt and Cece will date again. Even if Cece doesn’t consciously know that Schmidt is a good man who just hasn’t emotionally gown up, she’s inuited it. That’s what chicks do. He’ll grow up. He’ll get there. He definitely hasn’t given up. I’ll bet anything that Schmidt is scheming against Nick and Jess to remain a conversational centerpiece between Jess and her best friend, Cece.

How is Elizabeth versus Cece even a competition?

He loved them both, woop-dee-doo! Not all love is created equal, and it’s not like this is Baskin Robbins. It’s two options. It’s not like Elizabeth was cooler than Cece, so that shouldn’t be the issue. The initial slip to Elizabeth is understandable as she’s someone who adored Schmidt for just being himself. But Schmidt stuck with that slip until it was a free fall. He made the decision to abandon Elizabeth for hotter girls before. It should have happened even faster when you’re dealing with a hotter girl he loves.

Is Schmidt’s wrath towards Nick and Jess justified?

Here’s the thing with telling someone they’re getting cheated on, you’re exposing them to the exact thing that will hurt them. It’s like hitting someone with a hammer to protect them from getting hit with a hammer. What you don’t know rarely hurts you. There’s an argument that the STD’s from something you don’t know could hurt you, but that’s not an issue here. Schmidt is Jess and Nick’s friend too, and they really should have talked to him and leaned on him for a couple days until Schmidt came to a personal resolution first. Better for all involved.

Are Schmidt’s Two-Timing actions Defensible?

Nope. They really aren’t.

Will Winston be defending Nick and Jess’s relationship against Schmidt?

Winston always gets a good roll because that’s what happens to token black guys on TV, so he’ll probably defend love. But if this is realistic, single people just want everyone else to be single too.

What’s Ferguson the cat’s role in all of this?

He’s the lynchpin between loneliness and self-actualization, or something. Whatever. Ferguson matters. I just haven’t figured out why.

I’m pulling for you Schmidt,
Dusty “pulling for Nick more though” Riedesel