100 Facebook Likes. Let’s Commemorate This Milestone.

We did it, guys. 100 Facebook likes. I don’t want to overreact and liken us to some sort of viral phenomenon ripping through the Internet like a Miley Cyrus wrecking ball. But let’s face it, we racked up those 100 likes in less than two years, so I don’t want to under-react either.

100 is a pretty special number. It’s round and beautiful and demands the leadership of a centurion. 99? Might as well be a misguided rabble of red balloons drifting about in space to German techno pop. But 100, now you’ve got something promising. The T-bone (aka Man with Golden Ears, aka Sua Sponsored, aka Tommy) and I have truly appreciated you guys riding clothed with Writing Bareback. The pleasure’s been all yours, truly.

To honor your readership, we’re putting this post up. Right here. It’s a completely visible web space. Everyone who reads this will know that we posted it. We really wish we could do more, but we’re focusing on a baller collaborative post about break-up songs that is more dope than holding a stereo above your head outside the window of at your ex’s place. It should be out by this afternoon. Maybe tomorrow. Who can say?

Let’s all get back together in 8 years when we hit the 1000 likes mark. We’ll definitely write a commemorative post for that.

Maybe tell your friends about this,
Dusty “Feeling Sexy” Riedesel


One response to “100 Facebook Likes. Let’s Commemorate This Milestone.

  1. Congrats!!!!! And keep one more like from me 😉 !!!!

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