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Kanye and Kimmel Krush Twitter Beef, A Sad Day For All Of Us Regular People

I just posted a piece about the Kanye/Kimmel reconciliation on PolicyMic. The one thing that I didn’t get into is why I was so extremely disappointed that this beef didn’t get deeper.

Is there any profession that’s worse to get into a Twitter beef with than a rapper? Their whole profession is built upon words and wit, and they usually try to be self-aggrandizing which includes putting down their rivals. They’re trained on being quick with their quips and comebacks, and the thing about Twitter is that it actually takes off the restrictor plate because nothing needs to rhyme!

The only worse profession to Twitter beef with is a comedian. You’ll never be able to make more fun of the comedian than he is able to of himself. What are you going to say to Kimmel? That he’s fat? Stupid? Unathletic? Unpopular? Dresses funny? I wouldn’t know where to start, but I can almost guarantee he’s said all those things about himself. Even when they were making up last night, Kimmel said, “I was always getting beat up in high school.” These guys are egotistical Teflon. Maybe the only thing that could stick is to tell them they aren’t funny or that they’re unoriginal. But you’ll probably get a response like, “Don’t you dare compare me to Dane Cook!”

Anyway, check out the video and article here. I’m so depressed that this didn’t become a bigger feud.

Dreaming of the next interracial Twitter beef,
Dusty “I’m not talking about porn” Riedesel