Daily Archives: October 17, 2013

Worth a Visit? The Train Station, Cary, NC

Some people call it Harrison’s. Some people call it “that place underneath Pure Gold.” But it’s officially known as the Train station. It’s a place I’ve been for both reasons and neither of those reasons. But since I’ve been there, I considered it my duty to answer some of your burning questions on whether or not a visit is worth your time.

Do you like cheap domestic beer and shot specials? C’mon, that’s like asking if you like boobs. Everyone loves boobs, even gay guys who should logically have nothing but postnatal appreciation for their functionality. Just ask for a donor breakdown from Susan G. Komen, they’ll prove me right. But I digress. Cheap domestic beer and shot specials means YOU’RE VISITING.

Do you like strip clubs? No need to be ashamed. YOU’VE ALREADY VISITED! Probably more than once if you’re being honest. Despite their geographic camaraderie, Pure Gold and The Train Station do not see eye-to-eye on the price of Bud Light. Going to The Train Station before your gentleman jaunt is all about cash allocation.

Do you like bar games? You don’t have to like all the bar games, but you at least like either darts, billiards or skiball. So guess what, it’s WORTH A VISIT, because it’s one of the few places that doesn’t charge for pool balls.

Are you afraid of bar fights? Not everyone was born to loiter by the live-band cages of the Double Deuce. I’ve seen two separate fights break out at The Train Station. You shouldn’t feel bad that you weren’t born with the DGAF swagger of Wade Garrett. Stay home. Stay safe. YOU’RE NOT VISITING.

Do you like black light parties? You don’t know. Well look at the picture below and then see if YOU DON’T KNOW IF YOU’RE VISITING.

Do you feel like the crowd of a three-star bar can’t properly appreciate your hipster style and unique drink orders? Well, keep your disco socks and suede booties downtown, cause YOU SHOULDN’T VISIT this place, even if your upturned nose prevents you from realizing a three-star bar is just the kind of place that admires a man in $75 dollar jeans ordering a PBR. Screw it. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY VISIT!

In summation, it’s a bar underneath a strip club, and it’s in Cary. Slough off the fear of sin and glitter seeping through the cracks of the ceiling. You’ve got a lot of slow Tuesday nights coming up. It’s WORTH A VISIT.

My nickname isn’t cause I’m like Wade Garret,
Dusty “Double Deuce” Riedesel