Why A Picture Is Definitely Not Worth 1,000 Words (and other thoughts)

Every now and then you have a week that doesn’t foster a single idea worth 1,000 words of your time. Out of that unsubstantial thought space is born a lot of dumb notes. I don’t usually post these, but because I find motivation can often be born of mechanics, they’re already typed out. Besides, it’s been a slow week. Let’s get random.

-If time is money, then a picture can’t possibly be worth 1,000 words. Unless we haven’t adjusted fiscal-chronal conversion rates since the 1800s. Apparently you had to sit for a long time for old timey photographs. Which is also why no one smiled. [Now you get why this didn’t turn into a longer post]

-Wipe front to back. Everyone know this. Also, sitting really is superior. I’m a convert, so I know.

-If I learned one thing from Hunger Games: Catching Fire, it’s that Jennifer Lawrence sees huge swings in her looks based upon makeup. If I learned two things, it’s that Sam Claflin easily executed the best audition for Aquaman that we’ll ever see. Sorry Vincent Chase.

-Not everything fits on Twitter. This thought would’ve fit on Twitter.

-Why don’t more people use the phrase, “Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things”? If asked to give my best piece of advice, this is almost certainly my answer. Either this or wiping directions.

-Do people find feminists or vegans more annoying? I wonder how many people will assume that I find feminists and vegans annoying simply by posing the question?

-Deciding to follow Rob Delaney on Twitter after his book publishing was a disappointing decision. All I’m getting is book announcements. I missed all the funny. It’s like getting into Jim Carey movies after Y2K.

-Some people think it’s important to dress well. I think it’s more important to dress to your personality. Actually, I believe it so much that I can get 500+ words out of this idea. And that’s enough of this drivel. Sometimes you just have to pound keys until you find something to say. Well, two more thoughts:

-@tcook6strings Twitter feed is so stale. #loveleave

-I wish that I could think of more things to say about turtlenecks and goatees. This is what came out instead.

Wishing Americans had cool familial titles,
Dusty “Duke of Shrimp” Riedesel


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