Dreaming About The End Of The World

I had a dream about visiting Greensboro and getting stuck there in an apocalyptic end of times brought about by an original Darkseid-esque figure. We tried to fight it in guerilla fashion, but our Red Dawn tactics were ineffective. So instead we all retreated to the bar where I saw an old buddy from college who was being a real prick about the whole thing. I drank too much and woke up in a woods-enclosed apartment that my girlfriend and I had apparently moved into during the fallout. I justify breaking my old beliefs on cohabitation, because, you know, the end of the world. I’m intentionally not returning calls from Darkseid who was probably trying to enslave me or something, and I’m a little embarrassed about our living situation. It’s not a nice apartment. The landlord is a guy named Klein who just drops by unannounced and makes himself way too comfortable. I can see the Duke University football field from my living room window, which is kind of nice since they were pretty good last season. My girlfriend asks me how I’m going to get back to Greensboro to get my car. I wake up.

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