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You Need to Watch ABC’s “Rising Star” Just for this Kid’s Voice

There are a ton of benefits to having a girlfriend/fiance/wife. I won’t spend time listing them all out, but bare with me as I elaborate slightly on one of these. You end up watching TV shows that otherwise would never own a single second on your screen/DVR ever. That’s right folks, I’m referring to REALITY TV.

OK yeah, I’m now “forced” into watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette (ok ok, it’s now a guilty pleasure. OMG WHO IS ANDI GONNA GIVE A ROSE TO?!!?!?).

Last night, with our HBO shows done for the season, we flipped to the season premiere of ABC’s “Rising Star.” The show itself a knock-0ff of American Idol/Sing-off/The Voice/America’s Got Talent is mostly “meehhhh;” pretty mediocre (eventually the Hollywood heads will come up with something new). The twist is the the contestants sing a “live audition” in front of a black wall and the audience votes Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down via the Rising Star App. If the contestant reaches 70% approval from the votes on the App, the wall is lifted and they play in front of a live audience, including judges Brad Paisley, Ke$sha (so qualified) and Ludacris. They’re reactions and critique are mostly unoriginal, uninspiring and quite frankly pretty annoying (I’m pointing directly at you Luda). “I just didn’t feel it” is not going to help someone who was just ballsy enough to sing in front of millions of people.

“But Tommy, this sounds so bad. You’re already at 221 words and you’ve yet to make a point.”

Well, Bareback Faithful, I had to drag you through the darkness in order to show you the light. Jesse Kinch. The kid looks like a modern day Spicoli, but when he starts singing, chills and awe ensue. Raw talent and finally bringing something new to the table.

Though the show is mostly pretty garbage, I’ll be tuning in just to make sure this kid wins it.

I ❤ Reality TV,

Tommy “The Situation” Cooksey