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I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to…oh, hello, didn’t see you there. I was just reciting my allegiance to this beautiful nation, as I do every morning.

Let’s see, oh yeah, today’s topic…

Have you been watching the World Cup? Silly question, of course you have. This is the one time every 4 years where we join the rest of the world in their love passion Religion and celebrate the beautiful game. My vote, to fully immerse ourselves, is to also switch everything to the Metric System during the time of the World Cup.

Photo: USA vs GER! #Merica #IBelieve

In case you didn’t know, today is a big day for US Men’s Soccer. We take on a BIG German (redundant) team with a chance to advance out of the Group of Death to the Round of 16, when very few “experts” gave us much of a fighting chance 2 weeks ago. To put this into perspective, this is sorta like advancing to the NFL playoffs when you’re considered the Arizona Cardinals of the NFC West.

If you weren’t already pumped for the game at Noon today, here’s a collection of folks that should help do the trick:

Will Ferrell pledges to bite German soccer players:

Hulk Hogan will be watching, and pummeling faces:

And our battle call. I. Believe. That. We. Will. Win.

I’ll be watching. Will you?

Tommy “I’ll have a Liter of Cola” Cooksey