Pitchman, Writing in the Real World

So I’m a salesman in training at a company called Cisco. Over the last few days, we’ve been told to give 90-seconds-or-less pitches over varying Cisco solutions. As in every situation in life, you just do your best to imagine what Derek Jeter would do (WWJD) and then mimic that idea. So you try to write a tight story about the tech your pitching. Below is my attempt to sell network security. Hope you’re proud of me, Jetes.


Cisco. We’re the network company. That’s been our reputation since day one. But we’re also something else. The security company.

We purchased Sourcefire—the #1 player in the NGIPS security market according to Gartner—we purchased them for $3 Billion dollars because we are the security company.

We provide solutions like IronPort, ScanSafe, Cisco ASA  and ISE for to grant peace of mind with web, email, cloud, firewall and identification because we are the security company.

And we provide world-class service and support because we’re the security company. We know attacks happen on a continuum, and we’ll be there to help you before, during, and after any security attack.

When I was 17-years-old, my high school football coach told me, “Son, you’ll face a lot of adversity and a lot of prosperity in football, just like you will in this life. It’s how you handle the adversity that will define you.”

I can’t predict what security attacks you’ll face. But I can tell you that Cisco, the security company, will put our reputation on your team, so that when that adversity does happen, you’ll be proud of how handling it has defined you.

Thank you,

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