The Music Alley – Leon Bridges (an immediate Golden Oldie)

When I was a kid my (way to young to be listening to this type of music) dad would cruise around with us in the car listening to Oldies music on 100.3. “OLIDES ONE-HUNDREEEED.” Some of my fondest memories are triggered by a Frankie Vallie tune, something soulful from Sam Cooke or some random one-hit wonder like Bryan Mann.

It was the early days of pop and rock n’ roll. The Golden Oldies stretching from the mid 1950’s through the mid 1960’s; it embodied the All-American, everything is alright mode of our country post WWII, pre-Vietnam War.

Like style, music tends to be cyclical. A la the latest trend of synthesizers in every song, it’s clear the 80’s has reemerged over the last several years (gag). Aside from listening to the classic Soda Fountain tunes recorded 5-6 decades ago, there hasn’t been much replication of the early days of pop and rock n’ roll, until now. Allow me to introduce you to Leon Bridges. It’s pure, raw and SO oldies. Take 3 minutes out of your day and click play below. Something tells me Leon is just now scratching the surface of something big and the tune is guaranteed to improve your mood for the day.

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