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Hidden Hotties: A Strong Partner

So my buddy Wes sends me a link to, a site he randomly came across for work purposes. It was immediately obvioust that the girl gracing the home page was both hot and hidden (the one-shot Google search for “who is the girl” revealed no information). Instead of writing down my shallow thoughts, I’ve simply screen-captured the g-chat conversation between Dr. Tom and myself. Yep…the laziness has come to that. I’ve allowed you to see that there was an effort at redemptive conversation with T-Bone earlier in the day that didn’t pan out (I’ve said previously that from the moment I wake up, I become a progressively worse person until I go to sleep…that’s reason #283 to never be up past midnight).

Lover of the Unsolved Mystery,

Hidden Hotties: Marriage Material

This girl was found at of all places. There’s a few simple point to make about her worth and we’ll leave it alone.

  1. How is this a functioning website with decent traffic when is an unoccupied URL?…. “My web guy says that there’s no sense in paying a few hundred extra when we can just put hyphens into the name and get it for $17 per year. And he’s the same guy who advises and, so he knows his stuff.”
  2. Am I wrong in thinking this site should be marketing to women instead of men? I know if I went diamond shopping for my girl and it showed some sap feeding grapes to a bejeweled fiance, I would not be nearly as enticed as I would by this ad campaign from Family Guy. I’m just saying.
  3. I know we’ve only got a partial view of this hottie (most of her is, yep, hidden), but she definitely has a bit of that Emma Stone quality about her. Nice find from Thomas Cooksey, a man with an eye for talent.

Ok, so it turns out I only had zero points to make about her worth. I feel like eating some grapes now.


Hidden Hotties: The Inaugural Post

Ruth Stafford Peale–who was the wife of the Reverend Norman Vincent Peale, author of “The Power of Positive Thinking”–is credited with the quote “Find a need and fill it”. It has come to the attention of Tommy and myself that there is a sector of celebrity that doesn’t get nearly enough run. It’s the nameless hotties that are hidden in the obscurity of untraveled internet space. You might find her as the pitchgirl for a tax shop or a pest controller. She might be the fan in the background of a phenomenal highlight. Who knows. The point is, we’re stepping up to fill this need.

You can send us ones you’ve found at, or you can tweet me at @dustinriedesel or tommy at @tcook6strings. Currently, my personal criteria is that a google search for “who’s the girl on [insert where you saw her]” comes up with nothing close to a clue. But it’s always evolving

Our inaugural girl is the headline model at And while she looks more simple than smart, she professes that filing your taxes online can be both. I made an effort to find out who she was, but came up empty.

I think my favorite meathead tagline is “I’d let her review my assets”…but I’m not putting too much work into it.

Who and where she is remains unknown. She is a hidden hottie.