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100,000 Views. Let’s Make Big Deal About This Not Being A Big Deal

It’s possible that some of you didn’t notice. You were too busy engrossed in stories about nearly avoided teen popularity suicide or why girlfriends should get more dates that you didn’t see the accumulation. That’s reasonable. Maybe you’re a troglodyte, and while that’s less reasonable, troglodytes have infamously bad wi-fi connections, so at least it makes sense.

Whatever reason you didn’t notice, don’t feel bad. The foundations for many great fortunes were forged just beyond the gaze of outsiders. And while your very eyeballs were contributing the seed-money for our blogopoly, they didn’t see what Tommy and I tracked with loving ambition.

100,000 views. Now you know.

Blog rich. Even though most people would say it’s not a big deal.

Who knows, maybe one day soon, we’ll splurge on the $10/month for a vanity url. Maybe we’ll write more than a couple times a week. God willing, we will host a podcast called “Alex Podriguez: The Performance Enhancing Podcast”.  On that day, we’ll look back at this like Gordon Gecko recalls his first million. Were we ever so insignificant? Piddling on the this toilet seat of our non-vanity URL and pretending it mattered? How dare we commemorate such a small step for blog-kind? But those mindsets are for the future T-Bone and this humble co-blogger. That haughtiness is for the established blog-kings of tomorrow.

Today, we’re just “Tommy from the Block” and “Boxcar Dusty.” Just a couple of kids with a dream in our hearts and the first warm rays of a cyber-spotlight on our backs. When that seemingly unattainable, multi-platform empire springs forth from our type-dancing fingers, maybe we won’t care about 100,000 views. But you know what, right now we do care. It’s our first kiss. It’s a promotion out of the mailroom. It’s the moment you stopped needing to look at your checking account.

100,000 views. Take notice.

Blog rich. And you can’t tell us otherwise.