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Brad Pitt Movie Trailer Showdown: Killing Them Softly vs World War Z

You are not like me. You are the kind of person that thinks, “I can get sick of Brad Pitt’s glorious acting ability. You know that Brad Pitt is playing a hitman with a heart made out used bullet shells in this weekend’s release of Killing Them Softly. But you also know that Brad Pitt is playing a resourceful world-saver in the global war on zombies in next year’s World War Z. You don’t know which Pitt to give your hard earned $32.50 to (you know that’s the cost of a movie when you bring a date, and you’re a man who can get a date). So which do you see. Let’s check the tape.

Killing Them Softly

World War Z


If you are a man, see Killing Them Softly. Johnny Cash would laugh at you for seeing a zombie flick over a classic gangster flick.

If you are a woman, see them both. You’re the kind of woman that can get a date, so it’s free.

You’re welcome,