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Dr. Tom – The Essential Summer Playlist (Part 1): Cruisin’ Tunes

The amazing weather outside lately has really motivated me to sit on my couch and write (there’s irony there – think about it). What’s the best part about summer? The beach? Nay. Cookouts? Nope. Baseball? Not a chance. The best part about summer…the girls in sun dresses. What does that have to do with music? Nothing. So let’s talk about music now (smooth transition).

Summer provides us countless opportunities to create a soundtrack for our lives and when the perfect song and perfect moment meet, its orgasmic and something that song will be associated with in your mind (heart) forever. That was really cheesy, but I’m not gonna apologize. I’m a lover not a fighter. Since most of you have awful taste in music and would probably just play Kenny Chesney “Summertime” on repeat all summer, I felt it was my responsibility as your doctor to not let you make that mistake.

In a 4 Part Series I’m gonna give you 5 songs that will get you through your drive home from work, 5 for the party you’re throwing Friday night, 5 for the pool/beach the next day and 5 tunes you and your lady can sit on the back porch, pier, park bench, bed and listen to and make memories (read: love).

Disclaimer: These playlists will likely be sans modern country music. Nothing against it, but I just don’t listen to it and don’t find it particularly moving or inspiring anyway. Long Live Alan Jackson!

Today we’re talking about songs you’ll want to crank the windows down after a long day or weekend, go the speed limit and enjoy the ride (if you still manually crank your windows down, I hope you also still have those beaded seat covers that rip the hair out of the back of your leg too. My grandma had them in her gold 1989 mercury sable). And in no particular order…

1. Band of Horses – “Marry Song”. Quite honestly any BoH song would fit perfectly in those quotes, but this is an older tune from them that has always been a personal fav of mine. I don’t know if its the ringing organ, the spot on harmonizing vocals or the amazingly accurate lyrics, but I love this song.

2. The Format – “If Work Permits”. Ever heard of The Format? Maybe you recognize the voice? Yeah, you got it. It’s Nate Ruess from the band you now know simply as “fun.” Ben Heller mentioned the final Format album Dog Problems as “arguably the catchiest, most overlooked orchestral pop album of this century” and I really don’t think I could agree more. Check his take on it here. After this post it will be one of the best, most complete albums you’ve ever heard, I promise. The line “sometimes when sailors are sailing, the think twice about where they’re anchoring. I think I could make better use of my time on land,” should make you go do something with your life. Also when everyone is singing “We Are Young” at the next bar/party you can be really pretentious and say “This song is good, but their early stuff when they were The Format was so much less corporate and processed.”

3. Good Old War – “That’s Some Dream”. Simple chorus “I’m gonna live I’m alright. I’m gonna die its alright, I’m OK.” Combine that with an impossible to ignore Beatles-esque “La Da Da” and you’ll be singing this song all night. Also just accept the fact that you’ll never look as bohemian as these guys.

4. Lydia – “I Woke Up Near the Sea”. If you ask someone what instrument they wish they could play, the overwhelming majority will say guitar. It’s a sexy instrument. But if you watch people when a song comes on that everyone really digs and the majority of people prefer the Air Drum over the Air Guitar. And most people are terrible air drummers. If you ever drive by me in my car see me flailing my arms like I’m playing drums, it’s probably to this song because its an easy air drum song. This song is like your favorite roller coaster – slowly builds you up, then drops you raging downward at an 80* angle and it does it until you hate that you love this ride that makes you feel this way.

5. Butch Walker – “The Closest Thing To You I’m Gonna Find”. Butch Walker is a genius and he rocks the hell out of a cut off denim jacket. He also puts on the most incredible live performance I’ve ever seen and he takes about 8 shots of Jameison Whiskey while he’s doin it. That’s a man. I couldn’t find a recorded version of this song to share with you, so I used a live version. Aside from the crowd noise, if you closed your eyes, you wouldn’t be able to tell anyway..he’s that good. Enjoy!

So that does it for Part 1. Now go download these songs/albums/discography, roll your windows down and enjoy the ride.