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The 25 Days of Christmas…Music (Days 18-22)

Over the next 25 days we’ll be sharing classic holiday songs, modern holiday songs, classic holiday songs sang by modern groups/singers and some songs that just sound like holiday songs because they use sleigh bells and sing like Bing Crosby. I hope you’ll enjoy as we haphazardly choose (I realize that’s ironic) some holiday tunes for you.

Hey guys and gals, I’ve been stuck in the parking deck of the mall for the last 5 days and wasn’t able to access my laptop. I’ve learned 2 things. 1, don’t wait this late to Christmas shop…ever. 2, busy malls give me major anxiety attacks.

I’m warmin up tonight with some delicious brew with close friends, prepping for our 10th annual “Friends-mas” and am going to utilize a little help from my music searching friend Apperson. So with that, I’m going to round out days 18-22 on our countdown. We’re going to start chill, and end with something you can shake your butt too at your Christmas party. Just be careful, your friends have “fragile” (fra-gee-lee….it’s Italian) things around.

Day 18 – Dustin Kensrue (don’t ask me how to pronounce that last name) O Holy Night. The lead man from the hardcore punk band, Thrice, shows his softer side.

Day 19 – Coldplay doing an incredible job with Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Don’t act like you’re surprised that Chris Martin’s buttery smooth vocals make this your favorite version of this song.

Day 20 – Brenda Lee – Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. This song has become synonymous for anyone born in the 80’s with the classic Christmas film Home Alone. So, for your viewing pleasure you get the song…and a video montage that will take you back to being 10 years old and REALLY wanting a Talkboy. “Buzz, your girlfriend…woof!”

Day 21 – Run DMC – Christmas in Hollis. In 1987 rappers delivered one for the kidz (the “z” was intentional). Shake it.

Day 22 – I don’t actually know who put the song together, and frankly I don’t care. There’s some Srillex in there. That’s about all I got. It’s so awesome and the light show alone will fill you with enough holiday cheer to last you through 2013.  If you’re prone to seizures, proceed with caution.