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Comparing Duke Basketball Players to Flopping Goats

It has become so popular to hate Duke that it’s almost not cool anymore, kind of how liking Mumford & Sons is getting a wee bit dicey but within the slower shifting zeitgeist of sports-oriented hipsterdom. The key word here is almost. As it is with anything popular that’s becoming passé, the key to sustaining the popularity of the topic isn’t changing anything, it’s about creating a fresh take on the exact same things that made it popular in the first place.

So what’s popular about hating Duke?

The video above says it all. In a sport that is routinely dominated by the largest, most athletic men on planet Earth, Duke has a reputation (it doesn’t matter if it’s inherently untrue) for recruiting brains over bodies. No gladiators on this squad.  No matter how much they slap the floor, we see through it. They’re softies. Only Duke routinely stars guys like Scheyer, Reddick, Hurley, Curry, Battier and anyone else who could just as easily be mistaken for a procurement manager or an internal auditor as opposed to world-class baller. I’m digressing from the point though. We hate Duke, and it’s funny to comparing their flopping ways to falling goats. Spread it around.

Thank you to the proud Tar Heel, Bradley Jones, for bringing this video to Writing Bareback’s attention.