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What to Look Forward to in January 2013 (the music stuff)

A few days ago, Dusty posted what he’s looking forward to in January 2013 and covered sports, movies and TV. Since his musical taste consists of Brad Paisley, Bruce Springsteen and whatever YouTube video I send him during our 9 hour work days, he’s left the music section up to me.

My contribution will be an album release (or multiple releases) that I’m really stoked on as well as concert(s) (moving forward referred to as “shows”) that I would like to attend or plan on attending. This part will mostly be local to the Raleigh-area, but likely these bands will be touring so you can catch them in your city.

I was doing a lot of digging for albums to really get jazzed up this month, and while I didn’t come up empty, nothing really moved the needle. But here are a few that I’ll most certainly be listening to:


January 3rd: Skrillex – “Leaving” Ok, I have a soft spot for electronic music, and more specifically Dubstep (brilliantly named “Dump”step” by my buddy Blake). Anyway, its awesome music to party and workout to; 2 things I thoroughly enjoy.

January 8th: HBO “Girls” Soundtrack – Here’s a link to the bands and songs that will be featured including Fun., Grouplove and Fleet Foxes to name a few. Girls is sorta like Entourage with a bit of estrogen and a lot less wealthy,  Its hilarious and gives us guys a bit of insight into the minds and lives of these crazy girls we pursue. If you need more than that, Marnie Michaels (played by Allison Williams) is really hot. To add to Dusty’s TV post, I’m stoked for this shows Season 2 premier January 13th on HBO.

Sorry…I got caught up in that GIF and forgot what I was doing for a second. Here’s the song from Fun. “Sight of the Sun.”

January 15th: A$AP Rocky – “LongLiveA$AP” This kid has been living off of a demo album for about a year, and its landed him on major records like Big Boi’s “Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.” His album is likely to be full of chill beats, catchy hooks and beautifully dirty verses. Disclaimer, if you’re easily offended by profanity, I’d probably skip this album and the song below. This was your warning.

January 29th: Local Natives – “Hummingbird” I’ll be completely honest, I don’t know a whole lot about Local Natives. I know they’re on my iPod, and when it comes on shuffle, I never skip a song. Maybe I need to start making them a destination and not just a Cracker Barrel pit stop on my metaphorical road trip.


I’ve been searching for a show to check out, since its been a while since I’ve stood in a dimly lit, old smoke-smelling venue drinking a tall boy PBR and doing the hipster rock/sway dance.

The only thing I came up with is on January 22nd at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill. The front man for Augustana will be headlining an acoustic set which is sure to be heartfelt and intimate while he wails on his Martin and belts out “I think I’ll go to BOSTON.” Needless to say, I’ll be there, singing along.

Is Eastbound and Down actually an important show?

I honestly can’t explain why it matters so much to me that Kenny Powers is successful in his fictional comeback. Only a disillusioned idiot would think the character is anything other than a low-grade blend of arrogance and ignorance that shouldn’t be allowed to continuously unload his pain on those who would care for him.

But it does matter to me.

The first episode of season three gave me exactly what I’ve come to expect and appreciate from Eastbound and Down. It hilariously celebrated the racist and amoral underbelly of white American culture, and it did it while showcasing more than enough soul to make me think, “This is an important show.”

Is it really? I don’t completely know yet. I know that it’s a show that gets brought up repeatedly by my peers in the 20s and 30s demos. I know that Kenny’s most defining quality is his stubborn adherence to a false confidence that unwaveringly hides a fear of reality’s burdens. And I know that I’m a little bit scared about the implications of those last two sentences. So yeah, if I had to choose, I’d say this is an important show.

I hope that I don’t root for Kenny to complete his comeback because I relate to him. I don’t want that to be true of me. However, I’m coming to terms with it. I’m a believer in the God-sized hole in people’s hearts, that every person needs redemption in some form or another. Eastbound and Down didn’t even try to be subtle on this point:

There have been many great comebacks throughout history. Jesus was dead but then came back as an all-powerful God zombie….My story is the story of a raging Christ figure who tore himself off the cross and looked at the Romans with blood in his eyes and said, “My turn now, c***suckers.”

The formula is simple. I get it. We’ve seen the story of struggle and renewal a thousand times. I just don’t get why I’m so desperate for it to work out this time around. Don’t screw it up, Kenny.