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Blogging Failure – The Hangover Mix

So I had this great brilliant orgasmic idea to create “The Ultimate Hangover Playlist” for the small but loyal readership of Writing Bareback. It was to be a collaborative piece with Dr. Tom.   I even humbled myself to the role of “Nurse Diesel” as he suggested. The idea was that we’d have this thoughtful back-and-forth about how a song can be simultaneously regenerative and painful, about the strength that can bloom from a wounded soul, and about the runny poo that only a mix of beer, bourbon and shame can create. Here’s how it turned out:


Dr. Tom,

I’ve been into Johnny Cash’s “The Beast in Me” lately. It’s a soothing ointment on the restless and reckless wounds of my soul. Got me thinking about doing a “My Hangover Playlist” article for the blog. Obviously, I bow to you in all things musical, so let’s tag-team it. I think we gotta cap it at 10 tracks, so feel free to make additions and subtractions. I know you’re going to nix some of these, but my initial recommendations are:

  1. The Beast in Me, Johnny Cash – an unassailable track on this playlist. If you try to cut this, I’m going to cut you. I’ll cut you so bad that you’ll never be hungover again because you’ll be staying constantly drunk to cope with your “more than handicapped” life.
  2. Morning Song, The Lumineers – Your gift to me, and I thank you. As I told you, it feels painfully beautiful to me, like watching Natalie Portman open her wrists up.
  3. Sunday Morning Coming Down, Johnny Cash – A song that inexplicably makes a hungover person want to start drinking again….or maybe that’s just a sign of addiction.
  4. Springsteen, Eric Church – A song about the beauties of the past. I’ll admit that I’m mostly just in love with this song. I’d probably include it on any list. But isn’t a hangover mostly about dealing with the past? This tune gets me thinking about the girls I used to love (even though I didn’t know what love was yet) and the dreams I could still achieve (but didn’t….yet). Thinking about that stuff when you’re eyes feel like pods of Nickelodeon Gak is hangover gold.
  5. Some Devil, Dave Matthews – I have to have something from the solo album….it was precious to me once.
  6. Whiskey Tears & Distant Shore – Dierks Bentley…can’t have a hangover mix without Dierks (I know we differ on our taste for country, but nobody does pain better than Nashville…emo can’t feel past its 21st birthday). I can post these two tunes together and live with it because there’s no way I’m listening to one and then not listening to the other….since I’m channeling my 21-year-old self right now, here’s a MUST on the hangover playlist…
  7. Angels Like Her, Trent Tomlinson – “The sunbeam hit the Jim Beam” is the single greatest lead-in ever to a hangover song. This whole song leads me to start talking to myself with questions like, “What makes you drink, wounded soul?”…but overall, it gives an uptick to the hangover mood that can be beneficial.
  8. The Lengths, The Black Keys – A contribution from my buddy Michael D. It’s got a quality important to hangover tunes, which is that if it played on a loop for 89 straight minutes, you wouldn’t even notice. You’d just be spaced out like well-fed zombie for 89 straight minutes.

That’s my start…give me some help here. Additions? Cuts?

Nurse Diesel

That’s a running start to a great collaborative piece if I’ve heard one. What does Dr. Tom hit me back with? This:

these are just some titles that i’ll write about later:
The Honorary Title: Cut Short
Fun. : The Gambler
Ryan Adams: A Kiss Before I Go
Butch Walker: Cigarette Lighter Love Song

And that’s it. That is the sum total our collaboration. Tommy claims to be ‘busy’, but as infamous sales personality Andrew Lewis likes to say, “Busy just means you can’t manage your time well”…I’m trying, America.

Under-appreciated music nurse,